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Native Spirit Tees
Description Native Spirit fashion designs and wearable art T-shirts. Screen printing and embroidery badges on polo shirts, tees, tops, hats, caps and bags in natural cotton fabrics. Caribbean colours for casual clothing, gifts and souvenirs, made in Trinidad and Tobago.
Keywords native spirit, fashion designs, screen printing, embroidery, badges, wearable, art, tees, T-shirts, polo shirts, tops, hats, caps, bags, running man, colours, natural, irie, fabrics, gifts, souvenirs, clothing, b & tees, trinidad, tobago, caribbean
Editorial New 2004 Collection - "A chance to wear natural cotton embellished with the work of two talented graphic designers, Tracy Kaufmann and Jaele Tom Yew."
Launch November 2000 Redeveloped December 2001 Redeveloped November 2002 Redeveloped November 2003
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