ECS Real Estate (Executive Corporate Services)
Executive Properties

ECS Real Estate (Executive Corporate Services)
Description Real estate and relocation, property rentals sales and management, residential and commercial developments, apartments, houses, townhouses, expatriate homes and accommodation realtors, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean.
Keywords executive, corporate, services, real estate, relocation, property management, rentals, sales, residential, commercial, developments, apartments, houses, townhouses, expatriate, homes, accommodation, realtors, trinidad, tobago, caribbean
Editorial Formerly "Executive Properties" re-branded and upgraded November 2002. From their profile: "The fan shape of our logo is an iconic representation of the Traveller's Tree (also called palm) so named because the large hollow leaf stalks form receptacles at their bases where approximately one quart of water can accumulate providing a drink for the the thirstly traveller. The tree resembles the palm but, in fact, belongs to the banana family. It's leaves grow mainly in one place creating an attractive giant green fan shape.The arch around the tree represents an open door welcoming the traveller to a new home."
Launch May 1998 Redeveloped November 2002
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